What do we think about when we think of the heart?

Usually we think of an organ located just off center in our upper chest and weighing about 7 to 16 ounces.

But……..the Heart is much more than this.

I am sure we have all heard the expression, “a broken heart”.

And I am also sure it did not mean their physical heart was hurt or damaged or broken in pieces.

So, in this context, what does it mean?

On a whole different level, the heart has always been a symbol of LOVE.  What is LOVE? There have been many songs written about LOVE  over the years.  Eg, “I Will Always LOVE You” by Whitney Houston (one of my favourites)

                                                                                                                 What does LOVE mean to you?

Just close your eyes for a moment and think about this.

Now open your eyes and take the larger red heart and write what you were thinking about on this red heart.

What LOVE means to you.

Now, we are all going to go over to this very large red heart on the wall and add our hearts to it.  During this presentation this will be a symbol of all the LOVE in this room, a LOVE we all share.

LOVE is a gift, and one to be shared.

LOVE is a universal energy. LOVE is a contagious force.

LOVE is when you look into your partner’s eyes and say “I DO”.

LOVE is when we hold our baby for the first time and we are filled with a feeling we cannot explain. It fills our whole being and brings us to tears.

So, do tears come from the heart?  Are tears a symbol of LOVE?

Or, are tears an expression of LOVE?  And, does it really matter?

We are so quick to put labels on things, and some things just cannot be put into words. Words are what we use to communicate.


Have you ever heard the expression, “be careful of what you say, it may come back to haunt you”.                         T

  Words,they never go away, they live on & on, even when we’re gone.

Listen closely to this song and you will hear these words.

“What Are Words”  by  Chris Medina

Now, a little more challenging task; but, one that most of us really need.

One that we need to do in order to be able to LOVE fully, in order to be able to move on in life and LOVE unconditionally.

Take your smaller red heart and write on this one that which you have been unable to say.

That which you have not been able to put into words.

Until NOW

That person or incident you have been unable to forgive.

Only by forgiveness, can we LOVE fully and unconditionally.

You are not responsible for what he or she did.

You are only responsible for what you do, how you act, how you respond to their spoken word.

Yes, you feel you have ben hurt.

But, you can only let go of this and heal with forgiveness.

So now, just breathe into your Sacred Heart Space and forgive.

And if you are able, from your heart to their heart, send them LOVE.

Now, when we are ready we can go over to our Heart of LOVE on the wall. But instead of placing this heart  on our wall of love, we are going to tear it into little pieces and finally let it go. Are you familiar with the song “Let It Go” from Frozen, the official Disney Song of the UK. Just “let it go”.

So, again I ask, “What is LOVE”?

LOVE can mean many different things to different people.

To offer money or food or shelter to a homeless person is LOVE.

To save a worm from the sun is LOVE.

To smile at a stranger is LOVE.

To be grateful, hopeful, brave, forgiving , to be proud is LOVE.

To be all this plus so much more is LOVE.

It is very easy to love someone who is kind & nice to us.

But, what about someone who is just the opposite?

Can we extend this same love to them? It will take a lot more effort, but they deserve LOVE also, and probably even more. 

It all comes down to CHOICE, Our Choice.

The choice of what we do or say, the choice of how we react in this given moment. We have free will, always remember, we do have a choice.

Remember the song, “Choices by George Jones”.

Service to others is a great example of LOVE.

Service to others without looking for recognition.

Give for the sake of giving.

Muhammad Ali stated, “service to others is the price we pay for our stay on this earth”.


We Breathe Life With The First Beat of our Heart.

We Leave This Life with the Last Beat of our Heart.

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