ENERGY, what does this mean to you????

Well, it can have many meanings, some related and some not.

What do I mean when I say, “I have no energy?”

Do I mean, “my mitochondria have shut down?” 

Huh, that is a mouthful.  What are mitochondria anyway?

Mitochondria are the engines of the cell that generate energy.

But I am sure that is not what I meant. As I have stated in previous presentations, at the basis of each of our cells is energy. In physics, when we take a cell and break it down, down, down to the very center of the atom, all we have is energy.

Quantum Physics states that everything is energy.

We are energy, we are energy beings…. Amazing, isn’t it.

Have you ever thought about yourselves in this context before, probably not?

Well, this evening, I am even going to go a little, or probably for some, a lot further than this.

But, before I do, let me just say a little bit about the mind; As I have many times said, no part of us works or acts independently.

Energy gives shape to matter – to every single thing on this earth, even our bodies.

Energy controls the physical body.

Consciousness / mind overrides the physical body.

This consciousness / our mind shapes our reality.

If our consciousness is not in harmony, our health is not in harmony.

⅔’s of all healing is based on the mind; or I should say, what the mind believes. 

A positive belief  or  a negative belief, it is your choice.

One is just as powerful as the other.

We are creating our lives, so it is up to us just what we want to create.

Have you ever heard the expression, “if you think you can, you will;  if you think you can’t, most likely you won’t”. Or, what about, “we are masters of our own fate”, and so on and so on.

Our minds are always creating.  What do we want to create?

When our minds are in harmony, our bodies are in harmony, and vice versa.

When our minds are in harmony, we are healthy.

That brings us to the mind, or to be more accurate, we should probably say minds. For, we actually have two  –  our conscious mind and our subconscious mind. And guess what, our conscious mind only works about 5% of the time.

Let’s think about our day, and what we do throughout the day, and how much we consciously think about what we are doing.

Take walking for example. We are not thinking about walking, our sub- conscious mind takes over. We are on autopilot. 

And that goes for most of what we do during our day.

When we  are present, our conscious mind drives the vehicle.

Eg: the honeymoon effect  –  we are in it, we are present, we are happy. We are mindful of the moment.

Our lives match our thoughts. Our lives are a printout of our subconscious thoughts.

So, if we do not like our lives, change our thoughts. Change the program.

If we do not like a program on T.V., what do we do?   We change the channel.

The same applies to us. If we do not like what we see in our own lives, change the channel. Change the program.

We can consciously change all our programs of negativity into positivity (I do not say that is always going to be easy). 

Our health and wellness, just like everything else in our lives that we acquire, requires our attention. It requires work.

And, what is more important than our health.

Then, whether we are thinking (using our conscious mind) or not thinking (using our subconscious mind), we will always be playing positive programs.

When these positive thoughts become part of our subconscious mind, on autopilot, which is where we usually are, we are automatically playing programs that give us a better life with health and happiness.  Who does not want this?

It then does not matter whether we are thinking or not thinking; Both minds are going to create heaven here on earth.

If you do not like the reality you are in, change your consciousness.

Our thoughts can either help us heal or, they can shut down our immune system and we will get diseases.


Remember that word “choices” we have talked about.

So, let’s get back to energy. What does all this have to do with energy?

As I stated earlier, everything is energy.  We are energy.

When we create a positive mind, we also create positive energy.

Positive energy is what helps keep us healthy, and helps heal us when we become ill, diseased or broken.


We are an energy body. Circuits actually come in through our head and fill our entire body with energy.

This energy helps in the development of all of our cells and in the maintenance of our lives.

We need to learn how to distribute this energy wisely, how to use it.

What we plug this energy into becomes an investment in the process of our lives, whether we are going to be healthy or unhealthy. This investment gives us returns during our entire lives.

I am sure this is a whole new concept for most. So, what do I mean by this?


Let’s just say that each day we are given $100 worth of energy to spend, to invest as we choose.

If we invest it in positive circumstances, positive relationships, positive thoughts, etc., this will bring a high positive return to  us and our entire being. It is an investment in our health & wellness.

Or, we can invest it in just the opposite, in all the negative…..

With this negative, we start building a debt and eventually the $100 worth of energy that we get each  day is not going to be enough to finance our debts.

We will have to take out a loan to survive. Where do we get It? Where do we take it from?

We will have to take it from our own cell tissue. Or, we will have to get it from other people’s energy.

We are grasping for energy, because we are literally running out.

And at some point, this actually becomes the formation of an illness.

We can also lose / leak energy from our body.  One of the most common places people leak energy is into their childhood.

This was a time when there was most likely some degree of parental criticism, or criticism by our teachers, or by any number of people during our formative years.

It may even extend back to a period of time when we were abused.

And there are many forms of abuse, from verbal abuse all the way to physical abuse, sexual abuse and so on.

And because of this, we now unconsciously decide what % of our energy goes in that direction, if we have not resolved this issue.

When we get up in the morning and go through our morning routine, we are also going through what’s called an energy distribution phase  as we are preparing for our day.

And, if we are holding onto a lot of this negative historic part of ourselves, we are literally taking this $100 worth of energy that we are given today and saying:

“Give $20 to my childhood”, “$30 to the end of that relationship, and give $45 to the way I left my last job”, and so on, and so on, etc.

So, by the time I am done, what do I have left?

I am either in debt if I have overborrowed, or I may just have just a few dollars left to run my life today. I will be running on fumes.

If I am in debt, as many of us are, we start borrowing energy.

If we are around positive people, we try to borrow from them.

We actually become like a leach and try to absorb some of their energy.

This is all done subconsciously in order to balance our energy.

That is why after we have been around negative people for any length of time we feel drained.  This is because we are. Literally, our energy has been drained.

If this taking on other peoples’ positive energy doesn’t balance our own energy, which frequently it does not, then we start taking it from our own physical tissue.

This eventually results in illness, disease, pain, suffering, etc.

Healing is the process of returning this vital energy into our bodies.

We need this energy to survive, to live. How do we do this?

One way is by having a conversation with our energy – sounds strange right; maybe, but it works.

We can use any language we want.

We are actually recalling our Spirit, our higher energy.

We are opening up those energy circuits I mentioned earlier.

Essentially what we are doing is plugging into our precious gift of energy and returning it back into our bodies. (I will explain shortly).

Remember, a little earlier I stated that many of us lose/leak energy into our childhood.

We also leak energy into anything in our past that we have not resolved.

Have we ever truly forgiven anybody? We need to exercise our forgiveness muscle.


Now, those of you who were here for the last presentation shared in a process by which we consciously let go of something that we had not been able to face for a very long time, let alone deal with it.

Negative things from our past, things that have happened to us take up a lot of space and zap our energy.

This process of letting go is not always pleasant, but necessary to be able to move on, to stop leaking our energy, and bottom line to reclaim our health and wellness. 

When we do this, we actually feel lighter. 

Now, forgiveness is like a healthy diet; it only works if we work at it.

As I said, it rarely is easy;  but, if practiced with intent, it can release you from a lifetime of pain and suffering.

Intention is a powerful tool in committing to & achieving our goals. 

It provides accountability & supports us in being able to take control of our own personal choices thus, our lives. 

The other way we leak energy is by worrying about the future.

The future is usually about fear, anger and/or anxiety about what could happen.

This is such a waste of time & energy because we have no control over it anyway.

I do not mean that we should not plan and prepare as we move along in life.  Yes, we definitely need to do this.

But once we have done all that we can do, just let go of it.  It is not in our hands anyway.  Let go of the outcome.

We need to not attach ourselves to the outcome.

Fear & worry produce a lot of negative energy within the entire being, again leading to sickness – physical, mental or emotional. It zaps our energy and is detrimental to our health and wellness.

Develop High Voltage Will Power

Remember a little earlier I mentioned about talking to our energy, actually calling back our energy. 

What I meant by that is that we need to develop HVWP (high voltage will power).

Because we are human and most likely have endured hardships, negative thoughts will most likely at times try to enter our minds. You notice I said “try”.

When we feel this happening remember that along with these negative thoughts, we are also leaking energy.                                 Is this what we want? 

If not, just tell those thoughts, “Get Out Of Here”. I said “Get out of here”.

Tell your energy, “Get Back Here”.  “I Said Get Back Here”.

This may sound strange, talking to your energy;  but it does work. It can help you keep the negative energy at bay, and with practice it can become as natural as getting dressed in the morning.

Remember, we are energy.

It is up to us what type of energy fills our entire being. It is up to us – health or illness.

Remember, we do have a choice.

The Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu stated,  “ the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.


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