7 Practical Steps for Changing Mental Attitude from Negative to Positive

by: Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of the Spoken Word

1.. For the next 24 hours deliberately only speak positively and hopefully about everything  –  your health, work, future, friends, family, etc.                             

2.. After speaking positively for 24 hours, continue to practice this  for one week.    At the end of this week you can be realistic. But now, you will find that reality is not the same as it was a week ago.

3.. Feed your mind as you would feed your body.

Feed your body whole foods. Feed your mind wholesome thoughts.

4.. Commit to taking the time and effort to unlearn negative patterns.

Be kind to yourself, this will not happen overnight.

5.. Look at your friends and ask yourself, “who is the most positive?”

Surround yourself with positive people until you have absorbed their positive energy. Then, you can go back to your other friends and hopefully some of this positive energy will be passed on to them.

But, do not fall back into old, negative patterns.

6.. Avoid arguments. Counter a negative comment with a positive and optimistic opinion.

7.. Pray  –  whatever this means to you.

If You Believe You Are Receiving Blessings, You Are.

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