Enjoy the experience of a lifetime and you will not even get seasick. This journey will set you
on a new adventure as you plan/navigate your next course – your future.
You will have access to a wealth of information on board this ever changing, self-directed,
personal renewal ship known as: YOU
Presenting a series of interactive presentations guided to promote health and wellness at all
stages of your lives. This is particularly important as you mature and gain wisdom into
maintaining and even enriching the quality of your senior years.
Come and join us as we set sail into this learning environment. We will share and work
together to become healthier, stronger and more vibrant. With increased knowledge we will
gain insight into the many facets of wellness.
Initial presentation will consist mostly of an overview of health and what it means to you.
Future topics to include but not limited to:
➢ The benefit of activity and exercise and how this impacts all aspects of our health.
➢ Brain Health: Do we take care of our brain or do we even know how?
➢ Diet and tips to overcome digestive issues.
➢ Mental/Emotional Health – how to hold on to our sanity.
➢ Body talk, yoga, tai chi, energy healing, reflexology and related topics.
➢ Meditation, with its many myths & misgivings – being in the moment.
➢ East vs. West – how eastern medicine can complement our treatment plan.
➢ Heart Health – strategies to help prevent cardiac issues – angina, heart attack, etc.
➢ Our frequently forgotten nervous system and how it regulates all systems.
➢ Pamper yourself – kindness begins at home.
➢ Additional presentations/discussions per input from the group.
When: Resuming Wed. Jan. 4th. 2023 7pm – 9pm with a break for refreshments.
Then the 1st. & 3rd. Wed. of each month from 7pm – 8:30pm.
Guest speakers will be invited monthly.
Donation appreciated, if able. All proceeds will go to charity.
Where: The Arts Center 17 Patterson Dr. Placentia NL. 709-227-4565
Margie M. Farwell RN., CHRN, Esoteric Energy Healing, Therapeutic Touch & Reiki Healing.

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Margie Farwell RN., CHRN.